About i4Tradies

i4Tradies is a quickly growing marketplace connecting Property Occupants with verified Trades Professionals to check that repair and maintenance task off your list, simply, efficiently and securely. For Property Occupants, its place to find a Tradie based on their credentials and customer ratings. For Field Service Suppliers aka Tradies, it’s a place to find new leads and grow their business.

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How it all began


Started with a small idea

Every great idea starts small. Our journey to make i4Tradies one of the most trusted Tradie-Consumer marketplace is no different. We set out with a vision to transform Australia’s repairs and maintenance industry by saving Property Occupants from being ripped off by dodgy Tradies while allowing Trades Business Owners find quality leads to keep that phone ringing.

Today, we are proud to have hundreds of registered Trades Services Businesses enjoying more work coming their way and thousands of Property Occupants putting their trust in i4Tradies as they place new work orders in a much more seamless, transparent, secure and efficient way.

For Consumers who are out and about and still want to stay on top of their property’s repairs and maintenance work, i4Tradies is available as a downloadable app for Android and iPhone users.

Having established a solid brand name in Australia, we have now branched out globally making i4Tradies available to Consumers and Tradies in The United States and United Kingdom as well.

Our Mission

We are out to become Australia’s most trusted platform connecting Customers and Tradies. Instead of being a traditional Tradie marketplace that merely lets you compare quotes and find a tradie based on your location and requirements, i4Tradies is here to allow Trades Services customers to build mutually beneficial relationships with their providers through two-way communications, transparent billing and continual value addition and service improvement through real time feedback.

We Promise

When you hire a Trades Professional for your next job with i4Tradies, we promise to deliver, Efficiency, Transparency, Security and Compliance every step of the way.

Efficiency: Get every job done faster and better minus the stress that comes with property repairs and maintenance.

Transparency: Have complete visibility into every aspect of the job from quote to completion and everything in between.

Security: Let only verified, trusted professionals in your home so you can rest assured that your property and family is in safe hands.

Compliance: All jobs are done to Australian standards and carried out to perfection, making sure everything is compliant with the law.

Meet Our Team

i4Tradies is led by one of the most seasoned industry experts, technology enthusiasts and customer support professionals to deliver you the best experience as you set out to find a Tradie and get your job done to perfection. We are constantly striving to make i4Tradies even better than what it already is and all the credit goes to the proficient team behind us.